Who wouldn’t love a four-legged friend? Aside from the obvious cuteness they bring into our lives, having a pet at home can actually provide various health benefits, including better overall mental health and increased physical activity. By giving your furry bestie a fur-ever home, your lifestyle also changes into a healthier one.

Keeping a pet at home may seem like an easy task on the outside. But with various considerations and adjustments that you have to make sure your home is a perfect fit for your canine best friend, keeping your home pet-friendly is already a big responsibility on its own. 

Now you may be wondering, “Where should I possibly start pet-proofing my home?”. One of the best places to start with is your home deck. As this is one of the most open parts of your home, your pet will naturally gravitate towards staying at your home deck to get some fresh air, squeeze in a few sprints here and there, and possibly relieve themselves.

If you need some ideas on how you can make your Washington State home deck a pet-friendly area, then here are some suggestions:

Add some toys for your pup. Dogs are naturally curious creatures so to satisfy their curiosity, why not add some interesting and interactive toys in your deck to keep them active and happy at all times? Whether it be simple ones like squeaky toys or puzzle feeders, your pet will surely love it.

Install proper lighting. Dogs would sometimes wander around without you knowing. To ensure that they’re safe and sound at all times, install lights all over your deck so you can monitor their activities.

Choose your plants. This is already common knowledge to most pet lovers: there are a lot of toxic plants for pets. Make sure you double-check all the plants in your deck and all over your living space at home to avoid leaving one that might be harmful to your pet.

Add protective barriers. Your fluffy ball of energy and sunshine needs to be protected at all times. To avoid falling off the railings or getting onto the street without you knowing, adding gates and other types of barriers for pets is important for a deck owner like you.

Proper deck maintenance. Your deck is made up of different types of materials. These materials would eventually deteriorate or wear out even with proper care, and once they do, they might be too risky for you or even your pet to walk on. Ensure that proper deck maintenance is scheduled regularly so you can address your deck’s problems as soon as they arise.

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